PRODUCT OF THE DAY! MARK HILL HOLIDAY HAIR I am back from a lovely couple of weeks in the sun-yes the SUN!!!! in France. As well as having a thoroughly lovely time, I had a great opportunity to try and test some of the latest products and first up is the holiday hair range from Mark Hill.

In previous years I have returned from sunnier climes with seriously ravaged skin and hair complete with split ends, dry, straw like tresses and looking less than lovely. Well this time I am delighted to report that my hair is shiny, silky, soft and in excellent condition and I truly do owe it all to Mark Hill!

There are six products in the range but I tried the Sunshine Shampoo ( £1.99 for 50ml) the Aftersun Conditioner (£1.99 for 50ml) and the Sea Salt Wave Spray (£5.99 for 125ml).

Quite apart from the fact that the prices of the products are spot on, the packaging is also extremely good as it is robust and non-leaky. You also get a generous amount of product for your cash and I used all three every day for a couple of weeks and still have some left to use at home-well worth it!

Available from Boots and I would urge you not to leave home without these products this summer! 


Mark Hill Holiday Hair products are your perfect traveling campanions. Hair is protected, soothed and styled to beach babe perfection!


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